On Reserve

In all matters keep something in reserve. It is to insure your position ; not all your wit must be spent nor all your energies sapped every time ; even of what you know keep a rear guard, for it is to double your advantage, always to have in reserve something to call upon when danger threatens bad issue ; the support may mean more than the attack, because it exhibits faith and fortitude. An intelligent man always plays safe, wherefore even here that sharp paradox holds : more is the half, than the whole.

Gracian’s Manual, § 170

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3 Responses to On Reserve

  1. Aaron Taylor says:

    Was this directed at my blog posts? ;-)

    • Heavens, no! How could anyone critique those?

      It was entirely the result of bibliomancy. I flipped open my Gracian’s Manual for a quick bit of satisfying wisdom, and thought I’d share it.

  2. Aaron Taylor says:

    Bibliomany, huh? What a great idea! I should give that a shot!

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