He’s on a mission for God!

A friend of mine here at the seminary, Jordan Zanetis, is preparing to return to Tanzania on a mission trip, teaching in Orthodox schools in the country. He spent two weeks there last year, and had an amazing experience, sharing pictures and stories with me when I first got here last summer.

He’s set up a blog with various interesting items he’s been posting before going:

Mission to Tanzania

Check out the recipe for pan-fried Tilapia!

Please take a look and help Jordan on his trip if you’re at all able.

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One Response to He’s on a mission for God!

  1. J Clivas says:

    This overweening zeal of Orthodox clerics to evangelize deepest Africa is a mystery to me. Always Africa. Why not direct some of that zeal towards Asia for a change? There are also plenty of pagans within America’s borders they could work on.

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