God and His Saints

This All-holy Trinity we pious Orthodox Christians glorify and worship. He is the true God, and all other so-called gods are demons. And it is not we alone that believe, glorify, and worship the Holy Trinity, but angels, archangels, and all the heavenly hosts, as numerous as the stars of the heavens and the grains of sand of the sea unceasingly praise in hymns and worship and glorify this All-holy Trinity. Again, out of their love for the Holy Trinity men and women as numerous as the stars of the heavens and the grains of sand of the sea spilt their blood, and as many renounced the world and went to the deserts and led a life of spiritual endeavor, and still as many lived in the world with temperance and virginity, fasting, prayer, almsgiving and other practices; and all went to Paradise and rejoice forever.

St Cosmas Aitolos. Quoted in Constantine Cavarnos, St Cosmas Aitolos (Modern Orthodox Saints, volume 1), page 82. St Cosmas travelled throughout mainland Greece, the Dodecanese islands, and even into the Balkans preaching and teaching, establishing schools, and rescuing and strengthening the culture and faith of Orthodox Christians wherever he went. This was from 1759 to 24 August 1779, when he was martyred by Turkish officials in Albania.

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