From Poimandres

Holy is God, the father of all;
Holy is God, whose counsel is done by his own powers;
Holy is God, who wishes to be known and is known
     by his own people;
Holy are you, who by the word have constituted all
     things that are;
Holy are you, from whom all nature was born as image;
Holy are you, of whom nature has not made a like figure;
Holy are you, who are stronger than every power;
Holy are you, who surpasses every excellence;
Holy are you, mightier than praises.

Poimandres I.31. From Hermetica (Cambridge University Press, 1992). Translated by Brian Copenhaver.

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  1. Steve T says:

    Wow, magnificent. I love the shift of focus, it makes the previous even more powerful.

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