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From a Trip to Marblehead

This is the best picture of several I took on a day trip to Marblehead, Massachusetts today. It’s from out by the lighthouse there, looking back across toward the very picturesque town. Click on the picture for a larger version.

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Certainly not in Berkeley anymore

Here’s a picture from out of the window of my dorm room (affectionately referred to as a “cell”: let the reader understand!) from this morning:

There was some sleet Thursday night that barely made it to the ground, and had mostly melted by morning. This was different: a steady, fluffy, snow driven by a strikingly cold wind (I need a balaclava), that just kept coming and coming and coming. There was a power outage, too. I think all our campus is back up now. I wasn’t aware that snow would cause outages. Apparently a very large tree near the campus (most still have their leaves) became overburdened with snow and just crashed to the ground, taking some power lines with it.

I had forgotten how beautiful this crisp, clear, and cold weather is. I was taken back to childhood by the sight of snowfall, and of melting piles of snow, but especially by the brisk air and the sunlight. The light has a particular quality here that I’d filed away somewhere as “autumn light”, and it’s here in all its glory. Anyhow, I love it.

We’ll see how much I love it later when the banks of snow are ten feet high and I have to fight my way through it all to get to chapel and class!

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New home

First Boston sunrise for Kevin!


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Leaving home

Last sunset from my home of 22 years!


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Not letting the door hit me on the way out

Leaving work for the last time!


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Last walk home from work

The view from work is spectacular. I took to walking downhill, winding through various streets and checking out inter-street walking paths, of which the Berkeley hills have many. I’ll miss the walk!


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Antidoron lees

I held the bowl for distribution of antidoron today. This is what was left of that full bowl.


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