Biblical Studies Carnival VII

Chip Hardy of Daily Hebrew has done a fine job (as usual!) in posting the Biblical Studies Carnival VII.

The always interesting pickings of this carnival are not slim, even though it is summer vacation for many Biblical Studies bloggers, who surely have managed their postings, undoubtedly while sipping elaborate cocktails and picking delicacies from perfectly arranged trays of antipasti, from the patios of their broadband-wireless-enabled summer villas on sun-drenched isle of Corfu, overlooking the wine-dark sea. Or maybe not. Anyhow, we can all enjoy and learn from the postings.

As Chip mentioned, this biblicalia blog will host the next Biblical Studies Carnival, to be posted the first of August. Send me a note of posts (using the address at the top right of the page) which you find appropriate and interesting, or use the submission form at the home page of the Biblical Studies Carnival. I’ll repeat the call around the middle of the month. If I don’t get a sufficient number of nominations, I hereby officially threaten to make them all up.

As our esteemed Daily Hebrew host also mentioned, there is another very helpful site, bearing the unmystifying name, listing a number of various good Biblical Studies blogs, though by no means all. Take a look.

Biblical Studies Carnival VI

Better late than never! Though I’d of course read the thing, I forgot to link to it! Granted, I’ve been busy and let myself get distracted….

Head on over to Benjamin Myer’s very fine blog Faith and Theology to view the Sixth Biblical Studies Carnival, covering stuff from May 2006.

If you run into things during June that you think should be included in the Biblical Studies Carnival, you can send submissions through this page. Joe Cathey, currently at Tel Gezer, will be taking care of this month. I’ll be covering July.

Biblical Studies Carnival II at Codex

Tyler Williams has posted the Biblical Studies Carnival II at his Codex blog, and it’s full of great stuff. There’s even an inclusion of some posts from yours truly. Swell! But there’re so many interesting posts and series of posts listed there that you just have to go see for yourself.

Hopefully folks can all also take part in ensuring that the Biblical Studies Carnival happens monthly by volunteering! I suggest an addition to “netiquette”: if you’re included in a Carnival, you should volunteer to host one in the future. It’d be unfair to load such work on one person (namely Tyler) all the time when so many are tacitly involved already through the inclusion of their posts, and probably a number more through having recommended posts for inclusion.

In any case, head over to Codex, read, learn, and enjoy! And if you feel up to it, head over to the Biblical Studies Carnival site and volunteer to host a future carnival, too.