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Biblical Studies Carnival XII

Step right up! Step right up to the latest and last Biblical Studies Carnival of 2006, the Duodecimal Edition hosted at the blog Dr Jim West. It’s also the last Biblical Studies Carnival since its revival earlier this year in which the number of the carnival will match the number of the month of the year. You may mourn the passing of this phenomenon if you are so inclined.

The Dr Jim West blog, which may appear to be an etiological tale connecting Biblical Studies and Zwinglianism to the eponymous Dr Jim West, is indeed actually a real blog written by the real Dr Jim West on Biblical Studies and various Zwinglianistic issues. Or so I take it on the testimony of others, as I haven’t met the gentleman myself. And let that be a lesson to you!

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Biblical Studies Carnival XI

Biblical Studies Carnival XI, highlighting some very interesting Biblical Studies blog posts from the course of October, is up now at Michael Pahl’s The Stuff of Earth, a blog of perpetually pleasant perusal. As Jesus said, “Get thee hence!” Go check it out!

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Biblical Studies Carnival X

Biblical Studies Carnival X, covering goodies for the month of August 2006, is hosted now by Phil Harland at Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, an always fascinating site. Do go see!

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Biblical Studies Carnival IX

The Biblical Studies Carnival IX is up, hosted by Stephen Carlson at Hypotyposeis. Get thee hence and have a gander!

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Biblical Studies Carnival VIII

Welcome to the Biblical Studies Carnival VIII !

As the month of August was named for the first Augustus, so this Biblical Studies Carnival, covering July 2006 but being posted on the first day of August, is dedicated to the last Augustus: Saint Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos Dragazes (9 Feb 1404 – 29 May 1453), who ruled in Constantinople from January 1449 until his death defending the walls of that city, the “City of Churches,” capital of the Roman Empire and of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, on the day it was taken by the Turks.

Though it seemed earlier that we’d have slim pickings for this carnival, many bloggers being on vacation or taking well-deserved and refreshing breaks, it has turned out to be quite a busy month! So we’ve been treated to a number of excellent posts, and I’ve had to keep my commentary to a minimum, which I’m sure you’re all as distraught over as I am…. Anyhow, here we go!

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Biblical Studies Carnival VIII Nominations

There’s only a week left now until the next thrilling installment of the Biblical Studies Carnival, to be hosted here at biblicalia. If folks have any nominations (I’ve gotten quite a number of them already, for which I’m grateful to all the senders), keep them coming, even if you think they might be duplicates. This one’s turning out to be quite big already. It seems the summer lull is over! People have been churning out intersting posts, and there have been a number of new blogs appearing in the last few weeks.

Tyler Williams of Codex, the uber-host for the carnival, or facilitator thereof, or its Man Friday, the Living Horus of the BS Carnival, or whatever title he prefers, has a very helpful post with links to the handy nomination form page, or if you prefer, an email address to which you may write directly. You can also just write directly to me. Using the nomination for or email is better than leaving a comment, because publicly readable comments spoil the surprise!

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Nominations for Biblical Studies Carnival VIII

It’s time for people to send in nominations for August’s upcoming Biblical Studies Carnival VIII, to be hosted here at biblicalia. Please send them to me directly via email to the address given in the upper right, or through the submissions page, or through the Carnival’s email address: biblical_studies_carnival <at> hotmail <dot> com.

I’ve been focused so much on the Victorinus translation I was doing that I’ve been neglecting keeping up with Biblical Studies blogs, or “biblioblogs” if one must. For various reasons, I still think the also-ran biblicablogs is superior:
1.) the biblica- element is long established as referring solely to the Bible; note the online journal Biblica, the title of this blog biblicalia, and the adjective Biblical itself. It is unambiguous, specific, and relatively euphonic.
2.) biblio- refers to books in general, not specifically the Bible, and is thereby misleading for those unfamiliar with the term. Relatedly it deprives book-related blogs of a term that should be their own! I also find that “biblioblog” brings to mind an onomatopoeic name for the sound that is heard as a bog body slips into its murky resting place. How barbaric!
3.) no one should claim too much entrenchment has already occurred. It’s not as though these things are written in stone.

Anyhow, as I’ve been distracted, and as the previous aside indicates, am still easily distracted, reader input would be appreciated. Otherwise, as I have already written: “If I don’t get a sufficient number of nominations, I hereby officially threaten to make them all up.” To quote the marvelous Egyptian Pharaoh Yul Brynner: “So let it be written! So let it be done!”

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