Biblical Studies Carnival XXXIX

Darrell Pursiful at Dr Platypus (I get a kick out of both names) has posted the thirty-ninth Biblical Studies Carnival, covering subjects related to academic Biblical Studies posted during February 2009. I know that I’ve been inattentive this past month (due to a wretched flu), so this carnival is a welcome roundup of some very, very interesting posts that have come from the hands of some very, very interesting bloggers on matters related to Biblical Studies. Take a look. Even if Teddy the Wrestling Bear is absent, there is plenty more to hold one’s interest. Thank you, Darrell!

The next Biblical Studies Carnival will be hosted by James Gregory at his eponymous blog.

Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVII

The missing thirty-seventh Biblical Studies Carnival has been located by intrepid, if pseudonymic, explorer N.T. Wrong. It covers academic Biblical Studies blogging and news and other related online stuff appearing during December 2008. I’m sure it was keeping everyone up at nights, that it took so long to be posted. Well, you can rest easy now! Very nice, many thanks, whoeveryouare!

Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVIII

Judy Redman has posted the Thirty-Eighth Biblical Studies Carnival at Judy’s research blog. This carnival covers postings in the month of January 2009, on subjects falling under the broad umbrella category of academic Biblical studies. It’s a fine carnival, and, as Judy notes, it’s somewhat of an historic occasion in that it is the first of the Biblical Studies Carnivals posted by a woman. Fancy that! Thank you, Judy!

Next month’s Biblical Studies Carnival will by hosted by Dr Platypus, a.k.a. Darell Pursiful. I can’t decide which of those names is more delightful. Tyler Williams, the facilitator of the Biblical Studies Carnival, has helpfully posted a list of the upcoming months’ hosts.

Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVI

Jim West has posted the thirty-sixth installment of the Biblical Studies Carnival at his eponymous blog, complete with illustration! This carnival covers November 2008, including various posts from attendees of the 2008 SBL Annual Meeting in Boston, which meeting I am very sorry to have missed. As with every carnival, there are a number of posts and sites that are sure to be new to every reader. So do have a look and enjoy the learning experience. Thank you, Jim!

Biblical Studies Carnival XXXIV

Doug Chaplin has alphabetically posted the latest installment of the Biblical Studies Carnival, the thirty-fourth such, covering the month of September 2008. Many thanks for a fun and informative carnival, Doug!

These Biblical Studies Carnival installments are an excellent way of introducing topics currently of interest to and under discussion among Biblical Studies bloggers. Likewise, if one has been too busy to keep up with online reading during the month covered, you can rely upon the Biblical Studies Carnival to have provided a “best of” for the month, at the very least. They’re well worth a reader’s time.

Biblical Studies Carnival XXXIII

Michael Halcomb of Pisteuomen has posted the Thirty-Third installment (how time flies!) of the Biblical Studies Carnival, covering August 2008. He has very interestingly presented it in day-by-day format, a first for this carnival. A whole lot went on this month that I missed, so I, for one, am very grateful for such well-done carnivals as Michael’s, that help me to catch up. The chronological arrangement is nice, too, enabling a close reader to follow the development of discussions and the inspiration for new conversations throughout the month.

Next month’s Biblical Studies Carnival will be hosted by Doug Chaplin at Metacatholic.