Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVIII

Judy Redman has posted the Thirty-Eighth Biblical Studies Carnival at Judy’s research blog. This carnival covers postings in the month of January 2009, on subjects falling under the broad umbrella category of academic Biblical studies. It’s a fine carnival, and, as Judy notes, it’s somewhat of an historic occasion in that it is the first of the Biblical Studies Carnivals posted by a woman. Fancy that! Thank you, Judy!

Next month’s Biblical Studies Carnival will by hosted by Dr Platypus, a.k.a. Darell Pursiful. I can’t decide which of those names is more delightful. Tyler Williams, the facilitator of the Biblical Studies Carnival, has helpfully posted a list of the upcoming months’ hosts.

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2 Responses to Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVIII

  1. Darrell says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever thought of my name as “delightful.” Maybe if your into misspelled Arthurian knights….

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