Aging Hippies

I despise them.

Enough said.

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8 Responses to Aging Hippies

  1. Nick Norelli says:

    Where do I sign up to join this club?!!

  2. Justin Anthony Knapp says:



  3. Peter A. Papoutsis says:

    I thought everybody hated them? I thought it was a given.

  4. Vara says:

    You guys out west don’t have the hardcore ageing hippies. They’re concentrated in Vermont and in Woodstock NY (a place with more phonies per square centimetre than any other in the known universe). You’ll find them at any Bernie Sanders rally or at any “Buddhist” establishment in the trisatate triangulation. The worst are the natural food eatin’, Birkenstock wearin’, and Grateful Dead listenin’ bunch. I may be 56, but I live in the present, not the embalmed 60s. Hell, I didn’t go to Woodstock when it was on, so, why should I hang around Bethel (the actual venue for Woodstock) now? Sheesh… it gives me the creeps just thinking of doing such.

    I agree… these sorts need to be put down for the good of all.

    Be good.


  5. Roger Pearse says:

    Me too. The phrase “the selfish generation” seems to me spot-on.

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