A Prodigal Poster Returns

The hierodeacon Father Felix Culpa, of the delightful and edifying and very much appreciated Ora et Labora blog, has returned to blogging from an extended absence due to health problems (his own and his computer’s). As much as you are happy to see his return to blogging, keep him in your prayers for his health, that it may improve.

And pay attention now to his postings more than ever before. The faithful are strengthened through suffering, like the metal run through the forge and beaten by the smith. His lessons for us will be more powerful than before. Give the glory to God!

2 Replies to “A Prodigal Poster Returns”

  1. Perhaps you meant ‘prodigious’! Seriously, though, it is great to have Fr. Felix Culpa back on board. I’m not sure how many times I checked the site hoping to hear something… I too, was beginning to worry. Your blog tipped me off first, so thanks! Perhaps I should hop over there and say ‘welcome back’ from an anonymous devoted reader!

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