Biblical Versification

The links below lead to different sets of pages I’ve worked up dealing with various issues of textual division in the Biblical text, and other information relating to such.

You’ll also (eventually!) find here some charts detailing the well-known divergences between LXX and MT Jeremiah, and a really usefully (but entirely too poorly scrawled for you, dear innocent reader!) done chart of LXX-MT-NT-NRSV versifications (taking NRSV as “representative” of the English tradition of versification. And of course, my ever popular “some other stuff” as well.

Eusebian Canons

NT Kephalaia


"Verse" article from Kitto’s 1880 Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature, dealing with the history of the division of the Bible into chapters and verses. (I think it was Bruce Metzger who somewhere recommended this article. I can’t find the reference now.)