Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

Presented here are various items relating to the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha.


This page contains the full text of the allusions/quotations of the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha in English given in the citation indices of the Nestle-Aland 27 and UBS 4, with a few additions from me.

The Development of the Idea of Canonical Pseudepigrapha in New Testament Criticism This article by Donald Guthrie originally appeared in Vox Evangelica 1 (1962):  43-59.  This web version was prepared from a reprinting of the article in The Authorship and Integrity of the New Testament: some recent studies by Kurt Aland…(et al.).  London:  S.P.C.K., 1965: 14-39.  Page numbering in this web version follows the latter.

The Eagle Vision of 4 Ezra A helpful chart providing various modern assignments of the historical characters represented by the various wings and heads in the Eagle Vision of 4 Ezra 11-12.

Original Eagle Vision of 4 Ezra Presentation of my scheme of reconstructing the original version of the Eagle Vision, which would include only the twelve large wings (no extra heads, no little wings).

Notes on Eagle Vision of 4 Ezra My notes on the Eagle Vision, from my first attempts to understand it.

On the Structure of 2 Baruch My notes on the structure of 2 Baruch.

Ezra Chart

A chart showing the names given to Ezra-Nehemiah and other Ezra books in various Bibles

Apocalypse of Elijah Versification

A chart aligning the divergent versifications of the Wintermute OTP and Rosenstiehl translations of Apocalypse of Elijah.