Apocalyptic Thought in Early Christianity

I found a very interesting title in the latest Baker Academic Books catalogue: Apocalyptic Thought in Early Christianity, edited by Robert J. Daly SJ. It’s a volume in the Holy Cross Studies in Patristic Theology and History series, produced in conjunction with the Stephen and Catherine Pappas Patristic Institute of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts. There’s some information on the Baker web page for this book, but there’s a complete listing of the included papers/chapters in the printed catalogue, so I’m reproducing those here.

Preface, Robert J. Daly SJ
1. “I Know Your Works”: Grace and Judgment in the Apocalypse, Theodore Stylianopoulos
2. Apocalyptic Themes in the Monunmental and Minor Art of Early Christianity, John Herrmann and Anneweis van den Hoek
3. Turning Points in Early Christian Apocalypse Exegesis, Bernard McGinn
4. “Faithful and True”: Early Christian Apocalyptic and the Person of Christ, Brian E. Daley SJ
5. Pseudo-Hippolytus’s In Sanctum Pascha: A Mystery Apocalypse, Dragoş-Andrei Giulea
6. The Divine Face and the Angels of the Face: Jewish Apocalyptic Themes in Early Christology and Pneumatology, Bogdan G. Bucur
7. Hippolytus and Cyril of Jerusalem on the Antichrist: When Did an Antichrist Theology First Emerge in Early Christian Baptismal Catechesis?, J. A. Cerrato
8. Expectations of the End in Early Syriac Christianity, Ute Possekel
9. Heavenly Mysteries: Themes from Apocalyptic Literature in the Macarian Homilies and Selected Other Fourth-Century Ascetical Writers, Alexander Golitzin
10. Eschatological Horizons in the Cappadocian Fathers, John A. McGuckin
11. Christ’s Descent to the Underworld in Ancient Ritual and Legend, Georgia Frank
12. The Early Christian Daniel Apocalyptica, Lorenzo DiTommaso
13. Temple and Angel: Apocalyptic Themes in the Theology of St. John Damascene, Elijah Nicolas Mueller
14. Images of the Second Coming and the Fate of the Soul in Middle Byzantine Art, Nancy Patterson Ševčenko

It’s a very interesting mix of authors: some recognized longtime fixtures of the apocalyptic circuit, others longtime fixtures of the Orthodox circuit. It looks to be a very interesting collection, and I’ll be picking up a copy as soon as it’s available, in June 2009. So, mark your calendars if you also find it interesting.


  1. The whole thing looks good. I really dislike the printing of these teasing announcements in the catalogues. It’s a form of petty cruelty. I was all set to order it, and then saw the “June 2009” publication date. So I’ll set a reminder to pop up in June….

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