And there was no more Sea.

And there was no more Sea.

VOICES from above and from beneath,
  Voices of creation near and far,
Voices out of life and out of death,
    Out of measureless space,
  Sun, moon, star,
    In oneness of contentment offering praise.

Heaven and earth and sea jubilant,
  Jubilant all things that dwell therein ;
Filled to fullest overflow they chant,
    Still roll onward, swell,
  Still begin
    Never flagging praise interminable.

Thou who must fall silent in a while,
  Chant thy sweetest, gladdest, best, at once ;
Sun thyself to-day, keep peace and smile ;
    By love upward send
    Accounting love thy lot and love thine end.

Christina Rossetti, before 1893.

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  1. Here is the link to the daily-updated page for NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

    I’ve been viewing this page daily for a long time, and thereby seen many a wondrous thing, and learned many a facinating fact. I highly recommend it.

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