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Anchor Bible Dictionary Index

This index covers both article titles and authors/translators of the six-volume Anchor Bible
Dictionary (New York:  Doubleday, 1992).

I first obtained an electronic file of a Nota Bene database index for the Anchor Bible Dictionary
from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.  The index, however, has been reworked
so much that I don't hesitate to call it my own work now.  Among the more humorous errors I
encountered in the old index was the unusual description of a number of divine beings, perhaps
concerned with eating and foods, each called a "Diety."  The index was also done without the
assistance of the electronic version of the ABD, as I only had the print version while I was
working on the index.

The files included in the zip file are a Title Index, which lists all the article titles in the ABD,
an Author Index, indicating all authors and translators, and a small file with notes.  Both the
index files are in RTF format, ready for printing, and so should be compatible with every
word processor.

I hope you find it as useful as I have.

ABD Index zip file