1. This is “a first” in that it is my first saved photo on my new digital camera, the first camera I’ve owned since one was stolen by a “friend” some time ago. Click the photo for a much larger view.

    The dome on the right is that of our Koimisis Chapel, which is externally complete but internally under construction. As we were pulling into the parking lot of the church this evening for Presanctified Liturgy, that was the scene that we were greeted with. I managed to catch at least some semblance of it, though the marvels of the human eye make them much better in imaging than these little machine things are.

    In the middle distance, you can see the “horses” at the Oakland docks, and, further, Sutro Tower on the left and downtown San Francisco on the right, including the point of the Transamerica Pyramid.

  2. It’s just a little Canon PowerShot 1100 IS. It’s good enough for web stuff for now, though I might get a more powerful SLR camera with all the trappings later. I’ve missed photography. It’ll be fun to get back to it.

  3. Kevin, I actually thought for a moment that it was Agia Sofia in Turkey. Just for a moment.


  4. Wow. Stunning. Thank you for sharing. And best wishes and prayers for the continued work on the chapel.

    Enjoy the new toy!

  5. Orthodox domes in dramatic lighting…that could be the subject of an entire book of photographs. Looks like you’ll be putting the camera to very good use.

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