What’s that little elephant doing there?

Some of you actually visit this site and read it in person, so to speak, rather than through a reader or aggregator of some sort. Cheers to the old-fashioned way of doing things!

You might have noticed a little redecorating going on, particularly a little green icon with an elephant’s head, which only appears when you’re reading individual pages or posts on biblicalia, down at bottom. If one is only the slightest bit adventurous, one might let the cursor drift over to said elephantine icon and pause a nonce. You would be presented with the portentous: “Clip to Evernote”. The more adventurous might simply click it!

That might be the beginning of a new and beautiful, and hopefully long-lasting, relationship. Evernote is, essentially, an application for making, organizing, and sharing notes. But it is a distinctly versatile one, in that your notes can contain anything from writing, to files, to images, and parts of or entire web pages or blog posts. You can organize all these notes in notebooks, and organize those notebooks in stacks of notebooks. And perhaps the niftiest thing of all is that all of this information is synchronized in every place where you have Evernote installed, so that you can access all your notes from any of them. Currently, Evernote is available on a veritable slew of devices (Apple ones, Android ones, Windows ones, and others). So, in my case, I have Evernote on my iPhone, my iPad, my MacBook Pro at home, amd my iMac at the office. And I see all my growing collection of notes on all of them. Brilliant!

So, back to the little elephantine Evernote icon. If you, as I do, have an Evernote account, upon clicking that little icon, a dialogue box will pop up giving you some options by which to save the entire post or page. Now, I would find it very handy if this little guy were available on every site that I read. It’s a very handy shortcut. Another way to do rather the same thing is to install the Evernote webclipper in your browser (all the major browsers are covered). Click that, and you can create a note of either just a link to the page, or the entire page. And you can also access all your stuff on the Evernote website. Very handy!

And lest you think I’m trying to sell you something: perish the thought! The fully functional Evernote is available free. There is also a premium plan to which you may subscribe if you wish. There are certain benefits, the major one being a higher limit to the amount of synching you can do in a month. One that is kind of fun is that the OCRing of images is kicked to the front of the line for premium subscribers.

Anyway, I’m a big fan of Evernote now, as you, gentle reader, might have already perceived. If you have an interest in trying it, and you never have, click the icon, and you’ll be prompted to sign up for an account. If for some unfathomable reason you’re not interested, then certainly don’t click it, as it will do nothing productive for you. It only works if you have an account.

I think I’ll write a few more posts on various useful applications I’ve become fond of. Stay tuned for more!

5 Replies to “What’s that little elephant doing there?”

    1. Thanks, Theron! I’ll look those up!

      It’s such a useful tool. I first heard about it several years ago when someone noted the very useful OCR feature of photos uploaded through Evernote. The context was specifically that of making photos of wine labels and business cards searchable. Such a great idea. It’s also come up on BoingBoing repeatedly, mentioned as a great tool for organizing the writing of books, and the practical organization of “paperless” life. I’m a fan!

  1. *8O…a google-eyed gasp! I was checking out the “little green elephant” and was slapped in the face with an iPhone app…Soft Sign…iPhone and friends now capturing fingerprints…*8 | Can that be a good thing?!?

    1. Oops, sorry…It appears my imagination is a bit beyond its time….the soft sign app is asking for signatures only not the actual finger prints of the users…but how far past tomorrow before they do?

      Just google-eyed less the gasp,
      *8 )

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