King James OT with Apocrypha Annual Reading Plan

Reader Ken Holpp left a comment asking if I knew of any good annual reading plans for the full King James Bible, that is, including the Apocrypha. That piqued my interest. As I wasn’t able to find such a plan promptly on the web, I decided to create a reading plan for the King James Bible Old Testament and Apocrypha, in the order in which they were published in the 1611 edition. The result is the One Year King James Old Testament with Apocrypha Reading Plan.

Were a user so inclined to use this plan, he would need a companion plan for reading the New Testament throughout the course of the year. Precisely in mind while I was doing this was the provision of the Optina Kellia New Testament reading plan, particularly that rendering of the plan communicated to me by my brother in Christ Esteban Vázquez, as described on my page titled Eastern Orthodox New Testament Reading Plan, and by Esteban on his own blog in a two part series: On Reading the Scriptures, Parts One and Two. The KJV plan above has included the Book of Psalms, so the reader would not need to follow a plan for reciting the Psalms (like the Eastern Orthodox practice of reciting a various number of Psalms per day, as described on my page Eastern Orthodox Psalm Reading Plan, whether following it in full or in a basic form.

Suggestions and corrections are always welcome!