To the Holy Innocents

To the tune of Ton Nymphona Sou

Herod the thorough wicked king
Killer of his own kin
His insane will would even dare
To slaughter children in his care
Yet their souls fly, a flock of doves
To escort incarnate Divine Love

O land of Pharaoh, lush and sere
Your true Lord and God now draws near
Your gods in homage all fall down
Offering to Him all their crowns
Life-giving God, a babe in swaddling
Raises for thirsty man living springs

Protector of the Holiest
Noble Joseph has no rest
Wending up the calm ancient Nile
Sought by Herod’s men mile after mile
Fleeing from danger by an angel told
Guarding that most precious Divine Gold

Holy Virgin, Mother of God
Nurses her newborn, overawed
O pure wonder, O gift of Light
This tiny Infant, the God of might
Perfect Mother, holy and pure
Pray our salvation will be sure

Wholly innocent slaughtered ones
Stripped of earthly life before grown
Rachel’s weeping for hers is heard
For your pure lives cut short by sword
First martyrs for Christ, and purest
Pray our souls might join you in Rest

4 Replies to “To the Holy Innocents”

  1. Beautiful words. Contemplating the Holy Innocents leaves me speechless, but if there are any words to be said, yours are appropriate.

    Kevin, I don’t know very many of the “special melodies” yet, and the ones I have heard are from the Russian heritage. Is there a youtube video or some other place where I can hear the melody?

    Dana in Ukiah

    1. This is a good one for you, Dana, sticking to the melody without too much elaboration.

      (I also have to note that I originally made the silly mistake of saying that this was to the tune of Ton Taphon Sou, rather than to Ton Nymphona Sou. The latter is correct.)

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