Laying the foundations…

…for a transfer of my bombaxo website’s pages into biblicalia blog pages, utilizing the nifty menu up above.

I had thought this would be something that would take a couple of hours at most, but, alas, ’twas not so. It took that long just to get the blank pages in and organized. There is so much messy formatting in my old web pages that I’m going to have to strip much of it out before moving the pages here. So, this will be a slow process, but one that should commence in a certain amount of order, as I intend to just go straight through. I really like the menus. It’ll be nice to have those working.

So, readers who are not familiar with my old static web pages can poke around through the menus above and see at least the titles of things that will soon be available through the menus. To see them right now in their old, original format and location, go here.