Carnival ketchup

I completely neglected to notice that I’d missed last month’s Biblical Studies Carnival, the fourty-ninth iteration, which was hosted by Tyler Williams at Codex. This is not surprising, as it has yet to be posted. (Ahem.) Tyler does, however, post some interesting thoughts on the future (or non- thereof) of the Biblical Studies Carnival. I myself have hosted the Eighth and the Twenty-Sixth of the Biblical Studies Carnivals, the latter in particular being quite fun. I would recommend to all the same tactic that I used that month: start writing it on the first day of the month, and simply add to it day by day. That way the end of the month will meet you with a fully written post, rather than all ascramble to organize a pile of relevant and irrelevant links.

This month’s Biblical Studies Carnival, covering posts made over the course of January 2010 (that’s “Two-thousand ten” people!), is actually the fiftieth, and is hosted by Duane Smith at Abnormal Interests. He also abnormally expects readers to construe “XLX – 1” as 50. I think.

Enjoy the carnival while you still have it. Who knows what the future may bring?