A great blessing

Tonight, we were greatly blessed to have had a visit to our parish by Reader Nektarios from Hawaii, bearing the Myrrh-streaming icon of the Theotokos, described here. Not only were we able to have a Paraklisis (Small Supplication to the Virgin, a service in which we ask the Theotokos to pray for all those whom we name, a list that we add to every week) and venerate this beautiful icon, but we were even anointed with the myrrh with which this icon is flowing, and to keep a bit of cotton soaked in the myrrh.

The scent of the myrrh is quite distinctive. I’d say the scent of a rose is the closest, but there is something more to it than that. In consistency, it’s a very fine oil, very light, working its way into the skin immediately. It’s beautiful!

Although this myrrh-streaming is a miracle, completely without rational explanation (I saw the icon removed completely from its case, and can say without a doubt that there is no trick involved), there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary at all. It seemed as natural as the sunrise each day that an icon should be streaming myrrh, and that the faithful would benefit by it. I thank God that I had and have no doubts about its authentic nature. I hope that many others will be able to benefit from such a great blessing as this.

Let’s all pray for God’s mercy in that regard.

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  1. It was!

    One of the best parts of the evening was, after the Paraklisis service was over, and people were being anointed, near the end of that period the keeper of the icon, Reader Nektarios took it out of the stand and brought it to the wife of our Chanter, who’s been confined to a wheelchair due to a bad reaction to some prescription medicine. While she was hugging the icon, we all gathered around her sang the Axion Estin (lyrics here). Beautiful.

  2. Lucian, it’s already gone home to Hawaii, or I would happily do so!

    I think there must be a contact on that web site where you could ask them to add you to the Paraklisis names at the parish in Hawaii.

  3. Beautiful, Kevin! The icon came through our Church too. While I missed it, my family was able to be anointed by our priest with oil from it the next week. We carried the wonderful fragrance on us throughout the day. On the day it came to our Church a man was healed of blindness. We just heard that the state has cleared him to get a driver’s license. God is so good!

  4. Glory to God!

    You should write to Reader Nektarios and let him know that the man has been healed in his sight. I’m sure he (or someone) must be keeping track of the miracles associated with this icon.

    (I owe you an email, too!)

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