Wisdom from the East

A man who sits in stillness and who receives experience of God’s kindness has little need of persuasive argument, and his soul is not sick with the disease of unbelief, like those who are doubtful of the truth. For the testimony of his own understanding is sufficient to persuade him above endless words having no experience behind them.

To our God be glory and majesty unto the ages. Amen.

St Isaac the Syrian, Homily 68, end.

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  1. Spamus deletus est.

    The quote was found in my favorite way to find quotes from St Isaac: pick up the gigantic book of Homilies, flip it open at random, and see what’s there. It’s a kind of bibliomancy, I suppose, but it’s also always rewarding. There’s always something appropos to be learned from St Isaac with this method!

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