Biblical Studies Carnival XLVIII

The Forty-Eighth Biblical Studies Carnival is hosted and posted by Doug Chaplin at Clayboy. This carnival covers blog posts relating to academic Biblical Studies made during the month of November 2009.

Doug collects some very interesting links to posts on this year’s Society of Biblical Literature meeting, held in New Orleans earlier this month. Just two years ago I attended for a day in San Diego, and things were overwhelming then. Now it’s apparently completely out of control. Groups can apparently be founded on a whim. People have to scurry and still never hear every paper they’d like because of scheduling conflicts. It’s simply too big. If the fat isn’t trimmed, then it should really split into separate meetings. Fat chance of that!

Something else very interesting: Morton Smith is managing to garner more attention these days than he did throughout his career, though perhaps not the attention he would prefer! With many others, and not least Jacob Neusner, I vote “fraud” via “malicious practical joke.”

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  1. A brief summary of Smith’s analysis and defense of Secret Mark, a sketch of the controversy through the recent BAR exchange, and some pointed criticism of the methods of Carlson and Jeffery is now up at

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