A Light on Biblical Studies

Alas! today theologians have ended up being “disputers of this world.” Men who are concerned with religion write piles of books, big and important, filled with so-called “theological learning” which, owing to its method of inquiry into religious matters, is nothing else than the worldly knowledge the Apostle Paul calls “vain deceit” and “cunning deception.” The Holy Gospel, which is simplicity itself, is dissected, examined, and dismembered according to systems of philosophy, of “vain deceit.” Confusion, complexity, theories which confuse man, “foolish searchings and genealogies and legalistic battles,” mud which clouds the clear water springing up unto eternal life, all these things are written in the name of Him Who came into the world to save the lost sheep ― the man of vain knowledge ― from the burden of his sinful mind, crying: “Come unto Me all ye who are heavy laden with foolish and purposeless wisdom.” Piles of papers are written in the name of Christ and His Gospel, which the simplest heart experiences; while those who write those innumerable books have been wandering around in the maze and the darkness of their own wisdom, far from the Christ they have forgotten, engulfed by the vanities of their own intellects. Their hearts no longer feel the breath of God; they are deadened and dried up by their self-conceited wisdom for which men honor them.

Photios Kontoglou in the Prologue to Alexander Kalomiros, Against False Union

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