God is glorified in His Saints!

You must read this account of a miracle involving Saint Nektarios of Aegina! They don’t call him Wonderworker for nothing!

We heard about this during the sermon this morning, the commemoration (new style) of Saint Nektarios. I don’t know when it happened, but it must be relatively recent.

The love of our Saints for the Church never ceases!

I highly recommend John Sanidopoulos’ Mystagogy site. This morning when I heard of the miracle, I was certain that John would have posted about it, and was not disappointed.

Kontakion for Saint Nektarios, Plagal of the Fourth Tone
Let us sing praises with gladness of heart to the newly shining star of Orthodoxy, * to the newly-built bastion of the Church. * For being glorified by the power of the Spirit, he pours out the immortal grace of healing * to those who cry out: Father Nektarios, rejoice!

Troparion of Saint Nektarios, First Tone
Let us the faithful honour Nektarios, * offspring of Silyvria and guardian of Aegina, * who has appeared in latter years, a true friend of virtue, as a God-filled servant of Christ. * For he dispenses all manner of healing to those who with reverence cry out: * Glory to Christ Who has glorified thee; glory to Him Who has worked wonders in thee: * glory to Him who through thee has wrought healing for all.

2 Replies to “God is glorified in His Saints!”

  1. Yes it is true.
    The only people who have anything significant and Real to say about God are the Radiant Saints and Mystics.

    This is necessarily the case in all religious and Spiritual Traditions.

    Such Radiant beings are the Living Demonstration of the Truth of the Religion.

    My favourite saint was Saint Seraphim of Sarov who lived in the 19th century, and who was arguably the greatest Russian Saint.

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