Fat chance!

This has got to be some kind of joke.

One of the guys more responsible than not for the uninformed public’s impression of the Bible—namely that it is a completely invented late artifact of little historical value for the periods it ostensibly covers—now notices one of the side effects of this is a complete and utter lack of interest in being told this, and so the field is shrinking. What sane person would study or fund such a self-cannibalizing field of study? Meanwhile, Bible programs in religious institutions are thriving, or, I should say, religiously-motivated Bible programs in such institutions are thriving. Those programs in religious institutions which ape the perceived “critical scholarship” of the moment are likewise shrinking, judging from anecdotal evidence. People are simply not interested in that approach.

Now that the results of such an approach become more obvious, the suggestion is made of cooperation with religiously motivated study. The two are antagonistic and will remain so. No call for cooperation will be heeded. The “critical” approach is rightly seen as poisonous to faith. It has no place at all in faith-based education, for the latter generally prides itself in going some other direction. If anything, those involved in such religiously-motivated study will rejoice at the utterly final and inelucatable death, hopefully forever without resurrection, of “critical” Biblical Studies.

May the ouroboros of so-called critical Biblical Studies succeed in swallowing itself, so that it disappears in a final, faint, puff of irrelevance, all unnoticed, all unmourned.

The Faithful will not need to claim their Bible back, for they have never let it go.