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I’ve mentioned the New Testament commentary of Blessed Theophylact, Archbishop of Bulgaria from around 1090-1110, here and elsewhere before. The Explanation is a distillation of the Patristic heritage of commentary on the New Testament writings, drawing strongly and recognizably on St John Chrysostom especially, though citations are not provided. The commentary, though drawing on the commentary writings of many Church Fathers, is nonetheless a seamless garment, and has accordingly been treasured throughout the Orthodox world from its appearance.

Chrysostom Press has been translating and publishing The Explanation book by book. The four Gospel volumes are already available. The next volume in process, for which one may download a sample of the translation from the home page, is the First Corinthians volume. Here we come to the reason for this post.

The press relies on donations for its translation, publishing and distribution. If we want to continue to see these volumes appear, it will be necessary to contribute towards that end. There is a convenient donation button located on the home page of the press, in the bottom right corner. Please contribute as little or as much as you can, today and/or in the future, once or more than once. I have just made a donation myself. They take various credit cards, PayPal, and you may even mail them a check, if you prefer. If the amount necessary to translate and publish the First Corinthians volume is not reached, it simply will not be published. I doubt that any of the rest of The Explanation would appear in English if that were to be the case. So, though times are tough, please let’s all contribute and spread the word of this need around to make sure that this translation will in due time be complete. It will be of inestimable value for the Orthodoxy that is only just budding in America and other English-speaking nations, an Orthodoxy that needs to be rooted in the same writings, the same expressions, and the same wonder of beauty that Orthodoxy has always possessed in the more ancient Orthodox lands, and which finds expression in the writings of the Fathers.

(Thanks for the reminder, Symeon!)

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