2009 Eastern Orthodox Bible Reading Plan

Taking my own advice as given in the post below, I’ve combined the Old Testament reading plan and New Testament reading plans devised by Esteban Vázquez with the daily Psalm readings according to the monastic kathismata plan, listing all the daily readings with the calendar dates for 2009 so that everyone who wishes to may follow the plan without consulting several different web pages and then having to scribble the readings down on a calendar or whatnot. The 2009 Eastern Orthodox Bible Reading Plan is designed to lead the reader through the entire Old Testament in the course of the year, including all the books found in Orthodox Bibles (and then some!), to read through the New Testament four times in the year, and I don’t even know how many times the Psalms are read through in the year, though it’s mostly once a week, and more than this during the Great Fast of Lent. Though my original reading plan was worked out with the NRSV or RSV in mind, one may of course use any other translation that includes the books in the reading plan. I highly recommend the New English Translation of the Septuagint. One will still require a translation of 2 Esdras (the Ezra Apocalypse, as it is sometimes called) from another translation, if the NETS is used for the Old Testament, and one will also need a full New Testament. Note also that the Psalm numbers given in the above-mentioned plan are according to the Hebrew/English chapter renderings. Perhaps I’ll rework a version with the NETS in particular in mind, and revert to using the Greek Psalm numbers at that time. For now, I think this plan will be useful for the general reader.

And now that I’ve been so slow in getting this put up, I have alot of catching up in my reading to do!