Orthodox Bible Reading Plans

My Orthodox brother Esteban very kindly took the time to work through my NRSV One Year Reading Plan for the Old Testament and made a series of alterations, rendering the plan even better. I’ve added this new plan devised by Esteban to the bottom of that page of various NRSV plans. (The last shall be first!) The plan relies upon the reader to also follow the Eastern Orthodox practice of reading the Psalm kathismata. It will also require the reader to have a plan for reading the New Testament, and Esteban has likewise provided a plan of four variations precisely for this purpose. This Eastern Orthodox New Testament Reading Plan leads the reader through the entire New Testament in 89 days, so that the NT may be read in full four times in a year, with a few days left over. The plan is based upon the rule for the monks of the Optina Monastery for reading the New Testament in their kellia (their monastic cells). This is thus a plan with a lengthy Orthodox pedigree, well-sanctified by long use, and yet easily adaptable to the modern reading habits of non-monastic readers.

Thank you very much, Esteban, for all your work!

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  1. You’re quite welcome, my friend! Thanks for making them available on your webpage, and my apologies that my current time and connectivity constraints have slowed down the rate of our communications.

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