Popular Patristics Series

I’ve briefly mentioned the Popular Patristics Series published by Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press before. My appreciation of the volumes has only grown since then, as I’ve managed to pick up the entire series. In this post, I provide a list of the works included in each volume, and the texts utilized in their translations, and other stuff that I think useful to know. The list follows the publication order, with each volume given its number in the series. It is not hard to miss some big names among those contributing to this series, though it is somewhat surprising in a series of translations designed for the general reading public. Among the contributors is a shared love for the Church Fathers and a noble desire to spread knowledge of these treasures of Christianity which we find in their writings. I hope others will find this list as useful as I do.

1. Saint John Chrysostom — Six Books on the Priesthood
Translation and Introduction: Graham Neville
Work: On the Priesthood (complete).
Text: J. A. Nairn. De Sacerdotio of Saint John Chrysostom. Cambridge Patristic Texts. 1906.

2. Saint Cyril of Jerusalem — Lectures on the Christian Sacraments
Introduction and Greek Text: F. L. Cross
English Translation: R. W. Church
Works: Procatechesis; Mystagogical Catecheses I-V
Text: F. L. Cross, in this volume.
Note: This volume is unusual in the series in that it includes both a Greek text and an English translation. Most of the other volumes lack presentations in the original language.

3. Saint John of Damascus — On the Divine Images
Introduction and Translation: David Anderson
Work: Three Treatises on the Holy Images
Text: Migne PG 94.1231-1420
Note: This volume is unusual in that a later number in the series is a new edition of the same work, by a different translator. See number 24.

4. Saint Athanasius — On the Incarnation
Introduction: C. S. Lewis
Translation: A Religious of C.S.M.V.
Works: 1.) On the Incarnation; 2.) Letter to Marcellinus
Texts: 1.) F. L. Cross, Athanasius De Incarnatione: An Edition of the Greek Text, SPCK, 1939; 2.) Benedictine edition of 1698; Migne PG 27

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