A Jewish Family

(In a small valley opposite St. Goar, upon the Rhine) Genius of Raphael! if thy wings      Might bear thee to this glen, With faithful memory left of things      To pencil dear and pen, Thou wouldst forego the neighbouring Rhine,      And all his majesty— A studious forehead to incline      O’er this poor family. The Mother—her thouContinue reading “A Jewish Family”

Jews in the Nineteenth Century

Some remarkable circumstances attest, without a prolonged detail of their miseries, that they have been a people everywhere peculiarly oppressed. The first unequivocal attempt at legislation in France was an ordinance against the Jews. And towards them alone one of the noblest charters of liberty on earth — Magna Charta, the Briton’s boast — legalizedContinue reading “Jews in the Nineteenth Century”