That lonely cloud

There is a bright-dark cloud of knowing undone
and an only-dark cloud of ignorance.
How blusters the flesh to drive off the one
to envelop itself in the other.
Passions in one drop away like the rain
while in the other they thrive like thunder.
I know I ought, but can I choose easily
that terrifying bank all unseen
that would undo and remake me anew–
that fearsome and awesome engine of change?
Only in the hands of a loving God
Who has passed through the dark and light Himself
can I trust and let go and be overthrown
by His bright-dark cloud of knowing undone.

Me, just now.

O frabjous day!

There is now a blog collecting links to the work of the eminently readable modern essayist extraordinaire Dr Anthony Daniels, The Skeptical Doctor, whose nom de plume, or rather nom du clavier, is Theodore Dalrymple.

This site should make for a convenient entry point to the various publications in which his essays appear, at least as far as they’ll have his essays online.