Signs and Mysteries

Magna enim in eis signa et mysteria continentur. Remigius of Auxerre, Ennarationes in Psalmos (PL 131.259D) A Catholic friend, author and blogger Mike Aquilina, has a new book out, illustrated by Lea Marie Ravotti, published by Our Sunday Visitor, Signs and Mysteries: Revealing Ancient Christian Symbols. OSV has been very kind to send a reviewContinue reading “Signs and Mysteries”

Some random thoughts

On the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha There’s a definite gap in dealing with these writings. The focus so often goes back to a putative Jewish original, although the form in which we have the texts are Christian, and much later. Both the initial Christianization of these writings (if indeed they were not simply originally Christian) andContinue reading “Some random thoughts”

Magic and a Patriarch

Following on my post Conversion of a Patriarch? and Chaim’s post The deathbed conversion of a patriarch?, I thought to post the other tale related by Count Joseph of Tiberias to Epiphanius, as related in the latter’s Panarion 30.7.1-8.7 (the translation is that of Frank Williams, The Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis [Brill, 1987]). SettingContinue reading “Magic and a Patriarch”

The Conversion of a Patriarch?

Epiphanius of Salamis, in his Panarion, relates the following somewhat shocking story about the Jewish Patriarch Hillel II (320-365): When Ellel was dying he asked the bishop who then lived near Tiberias for holy baptism, and received it from him in extremis for allegedly medical reasons. For he had sent for him, as though forContinue reading “The Conversion of a Patriarch?”