Orthodox Study Bible review links

Our Orthodox monastic Father writing under the nom de plume (or should that be nom du clavier?) of Felix Culpa at Ora et Labora has posted another installment of his review of the OSB: Orthodox Study Bible, My Turn: II. He has found some further failings in the volume, most significantly the favorable quotation of authors whose writings are condemned by the Church in synod!

Our entirely ananonymous Orthodox friend Esteban Vázquez has also provided us with a convenient roundup of links to some various posts on the Orthodox Study Bible, some pro, some con. We can also look forward to some undoubtedly interesting review posts from Esteban once his copy arrives, which will hopefully be soon.

Because this volume is being viewed as a major event in the Orthodox Church in the United States, and its significant drawbacks really need to be addressed, if even only cursorily, I’ve been persuaded to continue reviewing it. So you may (or may not!) look forward to further reviews here of Orthodox Study Bible: Ancient Christianity Speaks to Today’s World.