Memory eternal

Metropolitan Lavrus of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia has reposed in the Lord today, the Sunday of Orthodoxy. Filled with the uncreated grace of our God, he oversaw the reunion of the ROCOR with the Moscow Patriarchate, both now rejoicing at one chalice. It used to be said that it would take a miracle to achieve that. It did. The miracle was Vladyka Lavrus’ leadership, a godly example for all.

May we all work for God’s Church as hard as His servant Lavrus!

May the Lord grant him rest in Paradise!

Memory eternal! Memory eternal! May his memory be eternal!

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  1. Faith and grace will yet lead us all to meet again in Paradise. I often keep sorrow at bay by thinking of the happy reunions to come. Be patient. Love. Trust in God’s mercy. Those three will get us through anything.

    Memory eternal!

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