A new mailing list: The Biblicalist

A new Yahoo! Groups mailing list has been founded:

The moderators would like to announce the release of their new biblical studies email list, The Biblicalist

The Biblicalist is a biblical studies list of academic emphasis open to all who wish to approach the Bible in its wider context, past and present. All viewpoints and perspectives which draw on the work of scholars in
biblical studies and cognate disciplines are welcome.

Topics of discussion include the interpretation of particular texts of the Bible and related literature, the background of ancient Near Eastern and Classical cultures, theological and philosophical reflections on
relevant issues, and the Bible in art and literature, including the reception of the Bible from ancient times to the present. Other topics in a similar vein are not only welcome, but encouraged.

The moderators (listed below) are all well-known biblicabloggers and participants on other lists. We would like to invite all interested people to join our new list.

Stephen Carlson
Kevin Edgecomb
Chris Heard
John Hobbins
Suzanne McCarthy
Jerry Shepherd
Rikk Watts
Chris Weimer
Tyler Williams

I trust there are a number of familiar names in that list of moderators, or at least one, to my readers.

This list is going to be a little different than other such lists. While we’re seeking to maintain a strong academic flavor to the list, we also want the following: for the list to avoid becoming a forum that is representative of only one stream of modern scholarship and thus one that is truly representative of biblical studies as a whole; we want the focus to be wider than simply the Bible and academic interaction with it alone, and therefore inclusive of various tangential subjects like archaeology, historiography, Classics, and so on; we want participants to the list to find it acceptable to post on philosophical, theological and other matters, ancient or modern; and last but not least, we want to have fun!

So, if you’d be interested in joining an email list that sounds like that, please go here and sign up. We’d be happy to have you join us!

3 Replies to “A new mailing list: The Biblicalist”

  1. Following an ongoing marketing campaign for a new Israeli financial daily newspaper,
    I suggest the following slogans:

    A minimalist can also be a biblicalist!
    Even a maximalist can be a biblicalist!
    Being an evangelist doesn’t mean you can’t also be a biblicalist!
    Not only an anthropologist, but also be a biblicalist!
    Don’t be a biblical archaeologist — be a biblicalist archaeologist!

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