Biblical Studies Carnival XXV

The Biblical Studies Carnival XXV, showcasing the work of academic Biblical Studies blogs during December 2007, has been posted by Christian Brady, proprietor of the blog Targuman. Check out the neat idea of Christian in declaring this International Biblical Studies Writing Month. What fun! Or, in other words: Get back to work!

And though he may think his carnival is ‘a mere morsel, a simple mutt jumping through a little girl’s hula-hoop with the little brother making arm-pit noises behind a sheet marked “Amazing Pig Boy” rather than a full-fledged carnival,’ we’re free to disagree and declare his a fine carnival!

Okay, so, get busy writing good stuff and start sending me nominations for the next carnival, or, by the showering stars of the Geminids, I swear I’ll make stuff up. I have a vivid imagination, too.

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