Massive Book Sale

Loome Antiquarian Booksellers, which specializes in theological literature, is closing at the end of the year. Their extensive catalogue is currently 75% off, with rare books and manuscripts 25% off. The discount for non-rare books jumps to 90% off on 26 December.

I’ve bought several hard to find titles from Loome in the past, and am sad to see them go.

CLARIFICATION: Loome Theological Booksellers will still be around. Loome Antiquarian Booksellers was an expansion store located in another part of town. It’s still a good sale, fortunately not so foreboding as I’d thought. The sale applies only to Loome Antiquarian stock. Sorry for the scare!

Turtle’s Skull

The shore rang under my heel
After the squall: delicate eyelids
Of shell, the scattered audacities
Limestone confects: those peach-stung
Volutes of supersession, cowrie
And turkey wing, the murex with its
Acrid spirals and the bony rose
Of the lion’s paw. Vacancies, all
Vivid! Where conch gongs trumpeted
Afternoons of disenchantment,
Poinciana-hosannas of departure,

I set the bare-scoured skull
Of the loggerhead seaward
And at daybreak, when the iron
Ladle of the eastern sky oozed its
Apricot-bold fissures of day,
Scathing water poured
From the eyes of the skull.
Black sockets wept the sea.

Eric Ormsby. Originally published in For a Modest God, 1997. Included in Time’s Covenant, 2007.