Turtle’s Skull

The shore rang under my heel After the squall: delicate eyelids Of shell, the scattered audacities Limestone confects: those peach-stung Volutes of supersession, cowrie And turkey wing, the murex with its Acrid spirals and the bony rose Of the lion’s paw. Vacancies, all Vivid! Where conch gongs trumpeted Afternoons of disenchantment, Poinciana-hosannas of departure, IContinue reading “Turtle’s Skull”

Winter Reading List

Three Andrew Louth books: Discerning the Mystery: An Essay on the Nature of Theology St John Damascene: Tradition and Originality in Byzantine Theology The Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition: From Plato to Denys Two Eric Ormsby books: Time’s Covenant: Selected Poems Facsimiles of Time: Essays on Poetry and Translation Several partridges, each in hisContinue reading “Winter Reading List”

On the Mystical Life

In the light of all this, how does my book, written nearly thirty years ago, stand now? I would now see it, not as providing the background for the development of, and understanding of, the ‘Christian mystical tradition’, in some uncomplicated way—as perhaps I originally intended. Rather, I see it now as raising a wholeContinue reading “On the Mystical Life”

Wit Stwosz: The Dormition of the Virgin

Golden mantles ripple like tents before a storm a surge of hot purple lays chests and feet bare the cedar apostles raise their enormous heads a beard dark as an ax hovers over the heights The woodcarvers’ fingers bloom. A miracle eludes their grasp so they grasp at air–stormy as strings Stars grow turbid inContinue reading “Wit Stwosz: The Dormition of the Virgin”

New Cambridge Paragraph Bible

I recently wrote to Cambridge University Press, enquiring whether there were, as I’d heard from some little bird, plans to issue a new edition of the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible incorporating the corrections included in the recent paperback edition, but in similar but smaller formats to the hardback and leatherbound editions of the original printing.Continue reading “New Cambridge Paragraph Bible”