Biblical Studies Carnival XXIII

John Hobbins, proprietor of Ancient Hebrew Poetry, and apparently a sufferer from scriptophilia, poor thing, inundates us all today with, among several other posts deserving thorough and thoughtful attention throughout, not one, but two posts comprising the Biblical Studies Carnival XXIII, covering posts made over the course of October 2007. John is very good at connecting conversations, and in starting conversations that draw the attention of other bloggers, something we could all learn from. As with every other carnival, the style of this one is related to the wide interests and style of the author.

Also, don’t miss his long list of good Biblical Studies blogs in A Map of the World of Bible Bloggers. There’s a vasty storm of blog-reading brewing there….

The next Biblical Studies Carnival, covering November 2007, will be hosted in early December by James Darlack of Old in the New.