Solovyov’s Short History of the Antichrist

Below is the Russian original of Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov’s Short History of the Antichrist, from this handy site which has all his writings online, with original (?) footnotes, which I’ve included here. If you are familiar with the English version, and you’re able to read the Russian, you’ll notice that there is a slight (ha!) difference between the two. The book from which this story originally comes, Три разговора о войне, прогрессе, и конце всемирной истории со включением краткой повести об антихристе (Three Dialogues on War, Progress, the End of Universal History, and the Beginning of the Short History of the Antichrist), published in English as War, Progress, and the End of History, (notice the implicit rejection in the translation title of the Christian eschatology of Solovyov–mustn’t frighten the natives!) was written in dialogue form. How very Patristic of him!

My Russian is poor, but I may assay a translation of this in the future, or just wimp out and scan one of the old English translations. In the meantime, my readers who are fluent in Russian may enjoy seeing this tale here, and I will also have it easily accessible. The English version I have begins at the second paragraph (Был в это время…), leaving out the beginning dialog and first very long paragraph, and it ends at the end of the last large paragraph of the original with Они ожили и воцарились с Христом на тысячу лет, in English, And they came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years. That last line doesn’t really give the story away, I think. Anyhow, enjoy it!

[Due to an increased amount of Russian spam comments, I’ve removed the text of Solovyov’s chapter from this entry, and placed it in a zipped Word document.