Biblical Studies Carnival XXI

Duane Smith at the abnormally interesting blog Abnormal Interests has posted the twenty-first Biblical Studies Carnival, covering posts during the month of August 2007, and some outliers. If you find his posts on Ugaritic hippiatria more fascinating than reports of the discovery of new tombs of Jesus’ third cousin twice removed, etc etc etc, as I do, make sure to let him know! I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. Go over there and take a look at the various linked posts. I’m sure you’re bound to learn something.

Biblical Studies Carnival XXII will be hosted by Tim Bulkeley at Sansblogue. For a list of all the past Biblical Studies Carnivals, go here. Different posts by Yours Truly show up in them quite regularly. I’ll also be hosting it again with installment XXVI in February 2008.