Thou Who art Fire

Thou Who givest me willingly as nourishment Thy Flesh,
Thou Who art fire, and dost consume the unworthy,
Scorch me not, O my Maker,
But rather pass through me for the right ordering of my members,
Into all my joints, my reins, and my heart.
Burn up the thorns of all mine offences.
Purify my soul; sanctify my mind;
Make firm my knees and bones;
Enlighten the simple unity of my five senses.
Nail down the whole of me with Thy fear.
Ever shelter, guard and keep me
From every soul-corrupting deed and word.
Purify, and cleanse, and order me aright;
Make me comely, give me understanding, and enlighten me.
Show me forth as the habitation of the Spirit only,
And no longer as a habitation of sin,
That as Thine abode from the entrance in of Thy Communion
Every evil-doer and passion may flee from me like fire.
As intercessors I bring to Thee all the sanctified:
The ranks of the incorporeal Powers,
Thy Forerunner, the wise Apostles,
And further, Thy pure and spotless Mother.
The prayers of these receive, O my compassionate Christ,
And make of me who worship Thee a child of light.
For Thou alone art our sanctification, O Good One,
And the illumination of our souls;
And to Thee, as to our God and Master, we, each day,
As is fitting, all send up glory.

Post-communion prayer of St Symeon Metaphrastes

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