Things past understanding

Come, let us rejoice, mounting up from the earth to the highest contemplation of the virtues: let us be transformed this day into a better state and direct our minds to heavenly things, being shaped anew in piety according to the form of Christ. For in His mercy the Saviour of our souls has transfigured disfigured man and made him shine with light upon Mount Tabor.

O let us who love to see and hear things past understanding, mystically behold Christ shine as lightning with the rays of splendour; and let us make the Father’s voice resound, who proclaimed Him as His well-beloved Son. On Mount Tabor He makes bright the weakness of man and bestows enlightenment upon our souls.

Let the assembly of all on earth and in the world above be moved to praise Christ our God, Lord both of the living and the dead. For when He was divinely transfigured on Tabor, the Saviour of our souls was pleased to have at His side the leaders and preachers of both the Law and Grace.

Tone Four. From Small Vespers for Transfiguration. The Festal Menaion.

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