New Revelation Resources blog

Georg Adamsen has mentioned on the moribund revelation-list that he has ported the information on his Revelation Resources website to a blog titled Revelation Resources. (The website will soon cease to exist.) These days, the Book of Revelation may not be as “sexy” as, say, The Gospel of Judas, but there has been and still is much fascinating work done on Revelation. Being out of the spotlight now, since the world didn’t end at the end with the last millennium, is not necessarily a bad thing. Revelation studies continue apace, if a bit more serenely.

Adamsen mentions that he has not updated the materials on the site since 1992 and is soliciting input from qualified parties to join the blog and do so. This is an elegant solution, to save the materials from oblivion, to vivify interest in a popular format, and also to update the material and keep it current.

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