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I’ve just changed my plugins that have been keeping out comment spam. If any of my readers have trouble commenting or viewing anything, please just email me (the address is at the top of the right column on every blog page). Switching these kinds of things seldom goes without a hitch, but it seemed better than what I had in place before. Those irksome “type in a difficult-to-read combination of uppper/lower-case letters/numbers” things were blocking too much, and no doubt annoying those of you trying to comment, for which I beg forgiveness. If everything still works, we should be set, and you won’t have to type anything except your name and email. One of the things this change has done is re-enable links from those who’ve linked to different posts to show up in the comments. I had only noticed a few days ago that this was no longer happening.

Thanks for your patience! Please do let me know if you experience any difficulties.

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