Sayings of the Fathers: Arsenios (4)

It’s been a while, but here I continue my translation of the Apophthegmata Patrum, the Alphabetical Series, with Abba Arsenios, from right where we left off. The first one, number 38, is particularly striking. Enjoy! 38. They say about one of the brothers who came to Skete to see Abba Arsenios, that, going to theContinue reading “Sayings of the Fathers: Arsenios (4)”

Plea for the Historian

Forebear to deem the Chronicler unwise, Ungentle, or untouched by seemly ruth, Who, gathering up all that Time’s envious tooth Has spared of sound and grave realities, Firmly rejects those dazzling flatteries, Dear as they are to unsuspecting Youth, That might have drawn down Clio from the skies To vindicate the majesty of truth. SuchContinue reading “Plea for the Historian”

On the Confusion of “Canon”

The following post is extracted from a small notebook of mine that I used to carry around in my bookbag precisely in order to capture such thoughts that were stimulated by my reading or conversations. This entry, germane to John Hobbins’ Thinking About Canon conversation, was written 21 August 1999, beginning at 3:25 pm, atContinue reading “On the Confusion of “Canon””

To love Thee human-eyed

‘Launch out into the deep,’ Christ spake of old       To Peter: and he launched into the deep;       Strengthened should tempest wake which lay asleep, Strengthened to suffer heat or suffer cold. Thus, in Christ’s Prescience: patient to behold       A fall, a rise, a scaling Heaven’s high steep;       Prescience of Love, which deigned to overleap TheContinue reading “To love Thee human-eyed”