Conquer the Kingdom

Contrary to what many think or feel a period of spiritual endeavour (during Lent, perhaps, or while taking part in a retreat) is a time of joy because it is a time for coming home, a period when we can come back to life. It should be a time when we shake off all that is worn and dead in us in order to become able to live, and to live with all the vastness, all the depth and all the intensity to which we are called. Unless we understand this quality of joy, we shall make of it a monstrous, blasphemous caricature, when in God’s very name we make our life a misery for ourselves and for those who must pay the cost for our abortive attempts at holiness. This notion of joy coupled with strenuous effort, with ascetical endeavour, with struggle indeed, may seem strange, and yet it runs through the whole of our spiritual life, the life of the Church and the life of the Gospel, because the Kingdom of God is to be conquered. It is not something which is simply given to those who leisurely, lazily wait for it to come. For those who would wait for it in that spirit, it will come indeed: it will come at the dead of night, it will come like the Judgement of God, like the thief who takes us unawares, like the bridegroom who comes when the foolish virgins are asleep. This is not the way in which we should await the Kingdom and the Judgement. We must recapture an attitude of mind which, usually, we cannot conjure even out of our depth, something which has become strangely alien to us

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  1. Of course there is still a tremendous amount of sadness and a great feeling of loss about what happened in Sourozh, though the situation has been resolved at least canonically. You can check our website – – to see how we are faring under the protection of Patriarch Bartholomew and Archbishop Gabriel of Comana. You will see that for most of us, the move has been a liberating and happy one. We have all of us come to understand that we are carrying and protecting something very precious which is the legacy of Metropolitan Anthony, manifesting especially for us right now in the extraordinary beauty, simplicity and deep prayerfulness of his style of worship. We pray that he will always be with us and help us to grow and share his vision with others. Many have felt his presence in our services.
    Thank you for asking after us.

  2. You are in good hands! May the prayers of all the Church with Christ continue to work such wonders in all the places we struggle.

    Metropolitan Anthony’s writings are a great treasure, particularly for those of us who were unfortunate not to have met him before his falling asleep in the Lord. A little patience, and we will all yet meet those whom we have missed…. In the meantime, his voice through his writings helps those of us here and now who need it, like myself. I’ll keep all of you in my prayers, such as they are.

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